Irresistibly Smooth Body Souffle

Irresistibly Smooth Body Souffle

  • Overview

    NIVEA Irresistibly Smooth Body Soufflé has a lightly whipped texture which is specially formulated for dryer skin. It´s exceptionally light consistency gently melts into your skin and instantly gives it a baby-soft feel, nourishment and long-lasting smoothness.

    Our caring body soufflé is free from colourants, ethyl alcohol and animal derived ingredients.

    How it works

    Shea butter supplies your skin with long-lasting intensive moisture and Hydra IQ supports the skin’s ability for continuous self-hydration. It is skin compatibility dermatologically approved.
  • How to apply

    For best results:

    1. Dip your finger into the soufflé.
    2. Rub in liberally and evenly to your whole body.
    3. Step into your clothes and face the day with irresistibly smooth skin!
    For even better results, prepare your skin by occasionally using a body scrub.
  • Ingredients

    It combines precious Shea butter with NIVEA’s new Hydra IQ active to deliver optimal skin moisturisation.