Extreme Comfort Shaving Gel

With advanced Micro Technology, the natural ingredients Chamomile and Licorice root extracts absorb faster and work more effectively. The beard is softer which allows for a closer shave with less irritation and smooth razor glide.

  • Overview

    Looking for an extra close shave with less irritation?

    Our high performance gel is formulated with natural micro technology, to deliver an extreme level of closeness when shaving, while helping to protect the skin against irritations.

    The anti-irritation shave gel delivers:

      • Intense beard softening for a closer shave
      • Ultra smooth razor glide
      • Protection against friction, while shaving
    Get ready for an extremely close shave that leaves your skin feeling comfortable and supple.

    How it works

    With advanced micro technology and the natural active ingredients; Chamomile and Licorice root extract, our formula can now absorb faster and work with the skin more effectively.

  • How to apply

    For best results:

    1. Place a small amount of gel on your palms.
    2. Massage directly onto your wet face.
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