Beat The Winter Blues


Have the winter blues? It’s not just a saying. Feeling down when the days get shorter and the temperature drops is a real thing. It’s called seasonal affective disorder, and it causes that familiar feeling of low-energy and winter depression.


Causes of seasonal affective disorder, or the winter blues, include:

  • A disrupted biological clock – shorter days can mess with your circadian rhythm. Changes to the clock for daylight savings can make this worse, making it feel like there is even less light in the day.
  • Low Serotonin – Reduced exposure to sunlight can cause a drop in Serotonin, the chemical in our brains that affects mood.
  • Medical history – if you’re already living with a mental health issue, the onset of winter depression could be more likely.

So how do you beat the winter blues?


1. Get moving - It's a well-known fact that exercise and physical contact release endorphins in our brains to help reduce stress, boost our immune system and put the roses back in our cheeks with better circulation.

But not only will exercise give you a rush of mood-boosting endorphins, it’ll increase the blood flow to your skin, helping to nourish the cells and keep them healthy.

2. Drink up - Drink plenty of water and try avoiding drinks like caffeine and alcohol. You don’t have to sacrifice your morning coffee, just go easy! Herbal tea or a hot chocolate (with cacao) is a great way to warm up, or meet with friends.

4. Stay social - When the weather is just plain nasty, staying at home is tempting. But spending time with your family and friends is a sure-fire way to avoid the winter blues by keeping you emotionally and mentally nourished.

5. Dress warm - It’s hard to feel happy if you’re shivering in the cold. The key with dressing warmly is to wear layers. Warm air is trapped between the layers and keeps you toasty. Being warm also helps to encourage healthy blood flow, which will keep your skin cells oxygenated.

And remember, the sun is still shining! Even when it’s cloudy, UV rays still come through. Sunscreen can be easily included with SPF in your moisturiser.

Spring is always just around the corner. Treat and look after yourself before the weather warms up - winter never lasts forever. The best changes begin on the inside, so don’t be afraid to get cosy, or brave the outdoors this winter!

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.