Sensitive Skin Products



If you’re prone to sensitive skin, you should make sure you use particularly mild and gentle skin cleansing products. Avoid regular alkaline soap, which can further dry out the skin’s protective acid layer, especially for the face. Instead, use products that have been developed for sensitive skin. Wind, cold, stress, dry skin or the wrong skin care products can exacerbate sensitive skin, causing irritation and reddening as the skin’s natural protective function is impaired. That’s why it needs extra special attention with the right products.

Active Ingredients: What Helps Sensitive Skin?

Ingredients that keep the skin moist, strengthen the skin’s barrier and have a calming effect are essential for reducing the skin’s sensitivity.

Particularly suitable ingredients include:

  • Panthenol, the precursor of vitamin B5. It strengthens the skin’s natural protective function and contributes to reducing moisture loss.
  • Glycerin, a natural moisturiser for sensitive skin that supports natural moisture balance.
  • Grape seed oil, which is rich in linoleic acid, is an important component of the natural, barrier-strengthening skin lipids.
  • Chamomile, a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient can help to soothe irritated skin.
  • Aloe Vera, a soothing, moisturising ingredient extracted from the succulent plant of the same name.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.