How To Prevent Décolletage And Neck Wrinkles


Find out about the science of around your neck area and discover skincare products that protect your décolletage and prevent neck wrinkles.


Wrinkles occur when the connective tissue and fat beneath the skin becomes damaged. This creates gaps for the outer layer of skin to collapse into, giving the appearance of wrinkles.

Lines on the neck can also be caused by the skin losing its natural moisture or even appear as a result of your lifestyle. Smoking, lack of sleep and not keeping hydrated all have an impact on your skin.

Being aware of the delicate, thin skin on your neck in your skincare routine today can make a world of difference allowing you to avoid annoying neck wrinkles.


Sun Protection

1. Sun Protection

When it comes to protecting your skin from wrinkles, SPF creams are one of the must-haves. As a general rule, prevention is better than needing a cure. To relate this to wrinkles, SPF creams act as a barrier to harmful UV rays that can damage the collagen network and contributes to the loss of skin´s elasticity

Stay Hydrated

2. Stay Hydrated

How many times have you heard you should be drinking more water? We are being told by everyone, from doctors to celebrities. Drinking water is important so that our water reserves are not funnelled away from our organs and skin which prevent the loss of moisture.

Quit Smoking

3. Quit Smoking

Just like with UVA rays, the chemicals in cigarettes damage the skin, affecting its collagen network and elasticity. Nicotine also narrows the blood vessels in your skin, which affects circulation and lowers the exchange of nutrients and oxygen between the skin`s layers

Eat Healthy Fats

4. Eat Healthy Fats

For many people, eating fatty foods is a no-go. They consider high fat foods like oily fish, nuts and avocados to be as bad for them as a greasy plate of chips. Omega-3 fatty acids (present in the first group of foods) can contribute to skin’s beauty resulting reduced neck wrinkles.

Cleanse & Moisturise

5. Cleanse & Moisturise

Preventing neck wrinkles is all about caring for your skin and being kind to it. In terms of your cleansing routine, this means using an effective but gentle cleanser that leaves your skin feeling soft and healthy.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.