Cracked And Dry Lips Causes



Your lips are generally quite resistant to the elements.

But, it’s important to understand what causes cracked and chapped lips so you can repair dry lips before they get out of hand.


These specific factors can dry your lips out too much and turn them into painful, cracked and chapped lips.


Licking your lips will only make your dry lips even dryer.

When your saliva evaporates from your lips, it causes your lips’ natural moisture to evaporate too.

Remember too, that saliva is a key component of your digestive system. It's packed with enzymes for breaking down foods. An overabundance of saliva can also cause the skin on your lips to crack.




When your lips are dry, a fungal or bacterial infection can sneak into the moist corners of your mouth and aggravate your situation.



Certain ingredients in your toothpaste or lipstick could be giving you chapped lips.

NIVEA’s Pure & Natural Lip Balm is enriched with milk and honey to provide lasting moisture to dry, chapped lips. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, these two natural ingredients help soothe your lips so they feel fresh and beautiful.

Some foods and food ingredients (like food colouring) could be causing your chapped lips as well.

Your lips are more prone to drying out than any other part of your body.

This is because of two main things:
1. The skin protecting our lips is much thinner than anywhere else
2. Your lips don’t have pores, meaning no sweat or oil glands to keep them hydrated


Below are four of the most common reasons our lips dry out.

Harsh Weather Temperatures

1. Environment

Gusts of cold, dry air in the winter and the sun’s rays during summer suck the moisture out of your skin, especially your lips. Too much time in heated or air-conditioned rooms can strip your lips of moisture as well.

Breathing Through Mouth

2. Breathing through your mouth

Breathing through your mouth blows moisture away from your lips.

Try to breathe through your nose as much as possible. If your nose is blocked, always remember to regularly apply a good lip treatment – especially before bed.


3. Dehydration

Dry lips are a sign that your hydration levels are low. Dehydration upsets the natural balance of minerals in your body and wreaks havoc on your skin.

Stay hydrated by drinking water and eating fresh fruit and veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchinis, beans and watermelons.

NIVEA’s Essential Care Lip Balm with Hydra IQ also helps to restore dehydrated lips and prevent further moisture loss.

Vitamin Deficiency

4. Vitamin deficiency

Your lips could be drying out if you aren’t getting enough of the moisturising vitamins B2 (riboflavin), B1 and B6.

Put some vitamins back in your lips with NIVEA’s Vitamin Shake Cranberry & Raspberry Lip Balm, enriched with Vitamins C & E and Pro Vitamin B5 for intensive moisturisation.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.