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Body Care

Great looking skin can be easy to achieve by looking after your health and fitness, following a skincare routine and by finding products that suit your skin type.

Best Body Moisturiser

So what is the best body moisturiser? The best body moisturisers hold water in the outermost layer of your skin, keeping it soft and hydrated. Moisturisers also act like a barrier to protect our skin from damage. The ingredients that help moisturisers accomplish this include shea butter, UVA and UVB Filters and formulas like NIVEA’s Hydra IQ that supports the skin's own water channels to enhance your natural moisturisation.

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Nivea Creme Versus Nivea Soft

Nivea Creme is a water-in-oil emulsion, meaning it contains many water droplets embedded in oil. As a result, your skin first receives intensive care from the outer oil phase and then is supplied with moisture.

In contrast, Nivea Soft is an oil-in-water emulsion: Small oil droplets are embedded in water. Therefore first the outer water phase of Nivea Soft absorbs quickly into the skin, making the skin feel refreshingly moist. Then fine oil droplets care for the skin.

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Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Even though cellulite is unattractive, seemingly unnecessary and cause for lots of frustration, it is technically harmless and does not negatively affect your health.

Cellulite also affects up to 90 percent of women regardless of weight, size or ethnic background so you’re certainly not alone.

Stretch marks are another annoying and unwanted skin condition we have to face. Men and women both experience stretch marks. It can be caused by occurrences like putting on or losing weight, going through puberty, pregnancy and simply from growing a bit too fast for your skin to catch up. Understanding how stretch marks are caused is the first step you can take in trying to avoid them.

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7 Common Body Care Questions

We love helping people find answers to their skin care questions. Find the answers to these seven most common body care questions:

  1. Why should I apply moisturiser daily?
  2. How often should I use a hand moisturiser?
  3. Why do hands need a special moisturising product?
  4. Are NIVEA body products also suitable for the face?
  5. Is too much showering or bathing harmful to my skin?
  6. Can I use a NIVEA body cleansing product for my hair?
  7. Why do bars of soap develop cracks?

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Hair Removal Tips

Hair removal can be a tricky and awkward process. Whether you shave, wax, use hair removal creams or use permanent hair removal methods like laser or electrolysis, there are a number of ways to prepare your skin and care for it afterwards for the smoothest results.

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Anti Ageing Body Care

Unfortunately it’s impossible to halt the ageing process, but regular exercise, a nutritious diet full of anti-ageing foods and plenty of water will all help to keep you feeling and looking young.

Externally, there are also many ways you can help to prevent the early signs of ageing. Reduce your sun exposure, wear sunscreen and use anti-aging hand cream to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A sunscreen spray is a great solution to the age-old problem of how to apply sunscreen all over your body.

Always read the label. Use only as directed.

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Don’t Forget Your Hands and Feet

It’s easy to forget about your feet and hands, especially during winter when they are hidden away a lot of the time. In preparation for the warmer months, why not give them a bit of a buff and polish and get them ready for their spring and summer debut. Discover the best ways to soften and soothe your dry hands and feet, leaving them looking and feeling supple and smooth.

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Bathroom Rituals

From cleaning your make-up brushes, to stocking up on cotton pads and tips, getting organised in the bathroom is the key to a successful and timely beauty and skincare ritual.

Ensuring your favourite products and tools are easily accessible and orderly will not only help you save time, but help you to not forget any crucial steps. Check out our top tips for maintaining the most effective and efficient bathroom rituals.

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Time Management

Whether you are a busy first time mum, young professional or seasoned career women with growing children, managing your time, is a fine tuned daily task - especially in the morning.

To best manage your time where your skin care routine is concerned, we have developed a few quick time management tips to help keep you running on time while keeping your stress levels in check.

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