With all the focus on skin care for your face, your hands and feet can easily get left behind. If you want that all-over feeling of beauty, radiance and health, your hands and feet need a bit of love too.

Your hands and feet are also called your extremities – meaning at the furthest point of your body in relation to your heart. Their position means they are the furthest our blood has to travel when pumped from the heart and they are in contact with external factors.

We also use our feet and hands all day, every day. Whether for walking around, exercising, carrying bags or even typing, we rely on our hands and feet to get us through the day and for this reason they can also be dry.

Read our quick guide to caring for your hands and feet, and check out our tips and tricks, to get your fingers and toes summer-ready.

Dry Hand Remedies

Restoring your dry hands is important. If your hands dry out too much, they can become cracked and very painful.

Check out our article to learn about the best products and home remedies for soft, nourished hands that give you long lasting moisturisation. We also share our top tips to help you prevent your hands from drying out and becoming rough.

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Caring for hands and feet

Think of caring for your feet as a luxurious experience – and one that doesn’t have to cost you a trip to the beauty salon. Taking 15 minutes to sit, soak, scrub and massage your feet is a great way to wind down at the end of a long day.

If you look after and protect your hands and feet as best you can, you will also help maintain healthy nails and reduce the risk of your skin drying out and cracking.

Incorporate these three easy steps into your weekly body care routine to prevent your beautiful hands and feet from drying out:

  • Soak and cleanse
    Your hands often get a bit more love when you are in the shower. But the bottom of your feet are often missed. When you find some time try soaking your feet in warm water for about five minutes. Try a mixture of full-cream milk and warm water for extra moisture. Soaking your skin in warm water helps to soften dry skin so it’s easier to exfoliate. Then give them a good lather up with a gentle body wash to remove any dirt. Cleaning your feet before you moisturise will also help the moisturising properties soak into your feet so you receive the most benefits!

  • Exfoliate
    Ridding your feet of dry, dead winter skin is essential for summer sandal weather. You can use a pumice stone or a specialised foot scrub here. Pumice stones are great for removing dead, rough skin from heels and sides of the toes. Using mild-medium pressure, scrub your dry skin until it begins to feel smooth. Be careful not to rub too much though.

  • Protect and soften
    Following exfoliation, it’s important to lock in moisture with a rich hand or foot cream.

    For feet: Apply a generous amount of NIVEA Creme and massage gently into your feet. NIVEA Creme helps to soften and soothe your feet, leaving them looking and feeling supple and smooth. Feet really dry? Try applying NIVEA Creme and then put on cotton socks before going to bed. Your feet will thank you for it.

    For hands: Apply a pea-sized amount of rich, nourishing hand cream and massage into your hands. NIVEA’s range of nourishing hand creams provide intensive moisturisation to relieve dry skin and dry skin irritation. The pampering formula also improves skin elasticity and cares for your cuticles.

Pedicure Tips for Beautiful Feet

Beautiful feet are the perfect finishing touch to a polished look. A home pedicure can be a bit fiddly but in less than thirty minutes you can transform your feet from being rough and tired to soft, glowing and healthy. Your feet will thank you for taking the time and care.

Learning how to give your feet a quick buff and polish will also save you time and money.

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Dry hands

Your hands are always on display. Unfortunately, because we use our hands so much it's very easy for them to dry out, or even peel in worse conditions. Your hands are generally very resistant to the elements, but excessive exposure to harsh winds or changes in temperature can take a toll.

Dehydration, cold dry winds, or lots of washing up can all cause your hands to dry out and become painful or scaly.

Moisturising your hands is the best first step to relieve any dryness. A nourishing hand cream will usually do the trick but if you prefer a more natural approach, try using coconut oil. Coconut oil is very rich and provides a thick layer of protection for your hands to stop the drying out process.

Remember to also drink enough water every day. Ensuring your body is hydrated will help your skin to stay soft and supple from the inside.

Keeping hands and feet beautiful

To keep your hands and feet looking really beautiful there are a few extra steps you can incorporate into your daily skin and beauty routine.

Even if you don’t have time to get a mani-pedi, a quick scrub, moisturise, file and coat of polish can make all the difference.

Here are three quick tips for keeping your hands and feet beautiful:

1. Moisturise your feet and hands before bed. Moisturising before bed will help to keep your heels and other dry-prone areas soft. Once or twice a week, give your hands and feet a great moisture boost by sleeping with cotton socks and gloves on after you moisturise. Particularly in the cooler months.

2. Always carry a nail file with you. Breaking or catching a nail can be a frustrating experience. With a nail file handy you can quickly and easily fix a ragged nail on the go.

3. Regularly scrub your fingernails. Dirt and grime get under our nails so easily. It can also be hard to notice they are dirty when we have nail polish on. Having a nail scrubber handy in the shower is a great way to keep your nails clean and fresh.