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Deodorant – Protecting your pits

Armpits aren’t exactly the most glamorous of body parts to look after. However, because of their tucked-away position and particular gland makeup, it’s important to give them the time of day.

Protecting and caring for your armpits means that you can spend less time worrying about how to reduce excessive sweating, and more time enjoying the good things in life – like wearing the clothes you love, throwing your arms in the air, and exercising with confidence.

Knowing how to protect your armpits is easier when you understand why and how your body sweats. Here is a snapshot of all you need to know about reducing the inconveniences of excessive sweating.

Why do our bodies sweat?

We sweat for one of two reasons:

1. To regulate body temperature. On a hot day or while exercising, your body heats up, the millions of helpful eccrine sweat glands all over your body release sweat to help you cool down as it evaporates.

2. As a reaction to being stressed out and/or anxious. When those most stressful life events occur, your apocrine sweat glands kick into high gear and often cause excessive sweating.

Now you know the two types of sweating you might be wondering how to reduce sweating from these triggers? Click the link below to find out more about sweating.

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Body odour

Like anything else, once you understand the source of body odour it’s easier to find the best ways to combat it.

Learn more about causes and treatments for bad body odour

Why do some people sweat more than others?

Beyond the more addressable causes of excessive sweating, including high temperatures, high levels of anxiety and sickness, heavy sweating can be the result of an underlying disease or health condition.

Conditions like diabetes, thyroid problems and other hormone and weight-related disorders could be the cause of unusual and excessive sweating. If you or someone you know experiences excessive sweating, beyond the normal need to sweat, it is advisable to consult a qualified physician to conduct tests and provide an accurate assessment.


Why are armpits some of the worst offenders?

We sweat from over 2 million glands over our entire body. However, because of where our armpits are located and the fact that they are home to a concentrated amount of powerful apocrine sweat glands, excessive sweating here is more common.

Emotional and anxious stress is the biggest cause for excessive sweating. Running late for a meeting, feeling overwhelmed about an upcoming commitment or simply having a certain combination of inherited genes, are all factors that can trigger excessive sweating. No matter the cause, if you are prone to heavy sweating, extra protection is crucial. You can find extra protection with NIVEA MEN Protect & Care Anti-Perspirant Spray, it’s anti-perspirant formula provides 48 hour protection without causing irritation to your skin.

Six ways to avoid underarm shaving rash

Shaving your armpits can be an awkward task, especially if you consider that you’re operating an extremely sharp object at an odd angle, you can't quite see what you’re doing, and then you have to use your non-dominant hand on one side.

Fortunately, there is a right way to shave and protect your sensitive armpit areas to avoid a rash.

Follow these six simple tips for soft, healthy underarms.

The vicious stress sweat cycle

The ‘stress sweat cycle’ describes the compounding effects of being nervous and the act of sweating.

When you are nervous or apprehensive about something, your nervous energy triggers a surge of adrenalin and a faster heart rate. This then prompts your apocrine sweat glands, found in your armpits, to start your underarm sweat flowing. Just the knowledge or sensation of excessive sweating will often cause you to feel even more anxious and stressed, triggering even more sweat. This is what we call the vicious stress sweat cycle.

How can you reduce unnecessary stress and sweat?

Everyone is guilty of sweating the small stuff from time to time. We get ourselves all worked up over something that’s often quite insignificant. Once we relax and stop to think about it from another perspective we can begin to calm down.

Here are three common stress-inducing situations and some tips to help stop them ruining your day.

Do you get anxious when you’re running late?

Your boss has kept you back at work or maybe you’re stuck in traffic and now you’re going to be late for something important to you.

Don’t sweat it. Instead of wasting your energy being frustrated, stop and try to find a logical solution. Even if there is no solution, ask yourself, what is really the worst that could happen? The actual answer is usually never as bad as you’re making it out to be. Do your best to stay calm – it is the most beneficial reaction.

Are you stressed that the house is messy?

You left home in a rush this morning without tidying up and the thought of coming home to mess and disorder is stressing you out?

Don’t sweat it. Ask yourself if it’s really such a big deal. You are not alone with having a messy house. Couples and families of all ages and sizes all live in mess at some point, it’s normal. Tackle mess calmly bit by bit, or ask someone to lend a hand with some of it, and the mess will be gone before you know it.

Are you stressed because you’re friend has cancelled at the last minute?

You’ve made the effort to travel to dinner, had your hair blow-dried and bought a new pair of shoes and your friend has cancelled dinner plans just as you’re walking out the door?

Don’t sweat it. Try and think of your newly free evening as an unexpected luxury and look at the big picture. Maybe there was a good reason for the last minute cancellation, maybe there wasn’t. Let her know you’re disappointed but try to look on the bright side – you now have an evening to do whatever you want. You could relax and read a book, take a long bath, or go and see a movie.

Sometimes it’s hard to breathe and shift your perspective, so when stressing brings on excessive sweating, use NIVEA Stress Protect Deodorant to help you keep your cool.

Types of deodorant

Just as every person’s face is different, everyone’s level of sweating, skin type and lifestyle are different too, so it’s important to choose the right deodorant for you.

See the different type of deodorants

How can deodorant help you?

Knowing how to stop sweating so much and choosing the right deodorant are key factors. These two tactics will help to minimise excessive sweating. The best deodorants combine both odour-fighting and antiperspirant ingredients.

  • Odour-fighting ingredients contain perfume to help conceal bad body odour and keep you smelling fresh and clean.
  • Antiperspirant ingredients temporarily block your pores to help stop sweat from making it to the skin’s surface.

Both of these active ingredients are the reason why effective deodorants can help you to control excessive sweating and bad body odour, so that you can feel confident and always at your best.

For the best results in reducing excessive sweating, experts suggest applying your chosen deodorant at night before you go to bed and then again in the morning before you leave the house for the day. The antiperspirant ingredients need to soak into your pores so they can block them and reduce sweating. While you are relaxed and sleeping at night, the antiperspirant ingredients have a much better chance of being absorbed and so are more effective.